Saving creates freedom

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Contributing to a regular savings plan allows you to take charge of your cash and make it work for you

Sometimes it can feel as if we don’t have much control over our own lives.

From school and work to home life and hobbies, it can feel as if we do what other people want us to do most of the time. By becoming a regular saver, you create more choices and independence for yourself.

If that sounds strange, it’s probably because you’re used to thinking of saving as something boring you should do but you don’t. Like visiting the dentist regularly or eating your five-a-day. Fine in theory but you always have something more interesting to do (or spend your money on).

Why save?

Becoming a saver shouldn’t be a chore. Think of it this way: having access to savings means you don’t have to always accept your current situation because you don’t feel you have any other options.

Establishing a savings fund gives you freedom. You can decide what’s best for you, not just accept the status quo and stay in a cold, mouldy flat because you can’t afford to move out.

You can think about moving into a job that suits you better, you can cover unexpected costs when they arise without getting into debt and you can afford to go to the doctor when you need to. Savings also allows you to move on from a bad situation or unhappy relationship, because you can afford to leave without worrying about costs.

Pay yourself first

The best way to start is to 'pay yourself first'. Sounds weird, right? By adding yourself in as a bill to pay each payday, you will start to quickly build up a fund for your future.

Think of it this way – if you save money now, you spend it later. That’s all saving is. It’s about making more of your money now and in the future. 

Do more of what you want

Who doesn’t dream of winning Lotto?! Wouldn’t that be the answer to everything? Of course, in the meantime, setting up a savings plan and tackling your debts head-on will help enormously. Facing the situation and proactively dealing with it helps reduce the stress and size of the worry.

Planning for your future also means thinking about what your retirement will look like. You don’t have to keep working ‘till you drop’ because you can’t afford to retire. By regularly saving, you don’t have to survive on just the NZ Super alone – if that’s still around by the time you reach retirement age. No one wants to get to retirement and still be worrying about how to cover the bills.

With savings behind you, you can afford to do more of what you want - when you want.