KiwiSaver: jargon-buster - basics

Are you put off finding out more about KiwiSaver because of the way it's talked about?

Most information about KiwiSaver is peppered with technical phrases and you're supposed to know what they mean. Understanding the jargon can be a headache.

So you may be missing out on making the most of KiwiSaver. Or you may not want to join at all because you’re not sure what the jargon means.

For example, do you really know what KiwiSaver is? What ‘contribution rate’ means? What 'MTC' stands for?

Time to bust some of that KiwiSaver jargon!

KiwiSaver jargon-buster - the basics from thinkmoney_nz

Now you know some of the lingo, it's easier to get on top of your KiwiSaver account.

And if KiwiSaver is all new to you, it should feel a bit more straightforward.

We believe in being open and honest so we're telling you that Booster is a New Zealand financial services provider, and thinkmoney is one of the family of Booster websites.

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