Socially responsible investing explained

Maybe you've heard of socially responsible investing – SRI – but you're a little hazy about what socially responsible investing means.

You don't need to be 'deep green' to want to know more about socially responsible investing. Most New Zealanders understand that everything we do has an effect, on others and the planet.

Investing means putting money into companies so they can build up their business – so you profit from success.

You want to invest your money to make it work harder but you don't want to put your cash into companies that do stuff you don't like.

It's simple enough – you want to invest in a way that supports what you care about. That might be steering clear of weapons companies or looking for businesses that try to improve the environment.

But how do investment managers decide what's socially responsible? And does choosing 'ethical investing' mean you lose money?

Sounds like what you need is an introduction to socially responsible investing.

Luckily for you, there's one right here! Get what you need to know about SRI in this video from Booster. 

Invest in what you care about

Now you know socially responsible investing makes financial sense as well as helping investors use the power of their pocket to support what they believe in.

And because any investment can be called socially responsible investing, choose investments that are independently certified as socially responsible.

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