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Need some help to get more from your money? Getting to grips with your finances won’t fix everything but it’ll certainly make life feel a lot better. thinkmoney aims to empower you to make savvy financial choices.

Top 10 facts about KiwiSaver

Check out some cool facts about KiwiSaver, an easy way to save for retirement in New Zealand

KiwiSaver: jargon-buster - basics

Confused by all that KiwiSaver jargon? Find out what basic KiwiSaver terms really mean

Making sense of KiwiSaver

With much more pressing things on our minds such as working, studying and finding time to enjoy life, it’s no surprise that many of us don’t put much thought into KiwiSaver or our financial future.

Am I in the right KiwiSaver fund?

A simple change in the type of investment fund you put your KiwiSaver into could add thousands to your KiwiSaver balance, without you having to do a thing.

Socially responsible investing explained

Watch an animated guide to socially responsible investing. You don't have to choose between your values and making money

Buying your first home

Planning and money-smarts are the key to your first home. Plan how you can buy your own place, including using your KiwiSaver savings.

Kombucha and...KiwiSaver?

You are the recycling guru and want to live in a clean, green ethical world. So how do you make sure your KiwiSaver savings is invested in funds that align with your values?

A Savvy Guide to Surviving Christmas

Christmas can be difficult to manage if finances are stretched, or the budget is tight. With a little planning, and a whole heap of savvy, here's our guide to surviving Christmas with your budget - and sanity - intact!